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3 Tips If You Have Been In a Car Wreck

First, if you can, please call the police immediately and take pictures.​

If you are seriously injured and can’t do so, ask a family member or friend. Amazingly, people get in wrecks and don’t call the police or take pictures. Your case will go nowhere if you don’t get a police report. A case can survive without pictures, but it will certainly help to have those. Also, as soon as you hire a lawyer, email those pictures to him or her so that the pictures can be preserved.​

Second, don’t post anything about the wreck on social media.

This is a hot topic in evidence law. Many plaintiffs have damaged their own cases with social media posts. The insurance company and its defense lawyer will check your social media. If your case is litigated, the defense lawyer can subpoena your social media posts. The safest bet is not to post anything about your wreck.

Lastly, consider hiring a lawyer.

Many people believe they can handle a wreck case on their own and shy away from hiring a personal injury lawyer because of attorney’s fees. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to maximize the settlement value of your case and negotiate the liens against your settlement. Also, I have never taken a case where I couldn’t justify my fee. In other words, I make sure my client comes out better financially even after paying my fee than he or she would do without hiring me.

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