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Dog Bites

Imagine your young daughter is bitten on the lip by an aggressive dog whose owner was negligent in controlling the dog. Your daughter now has a permanent scar, and you have a pile of medical bills. Or maybe an aggressive dog attacks you and breaks a bone in your leg. It requires surgery, leaves a scar, and your medical bills have piled up. 
I have represented people just like this. If you have been bitten, it’s critical to call a lawyer. 
In Georgia, in order to succeed in a dog bite case, there must be proof that the dog owner had some knowledge of his dog’s vicious propensities but failed to act, or that the dog owner was in violation of a leash law at the time of the dog bite. Because of this, it’s important to contact a lawyer and see if you have a case. I have defended and prosecuted dog bite cases, and I am happy to sit down with you to see if I can help.

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