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Do I Need an Atlanta Lawyer? (Part B)

First off, thanks to all those who read my blog, liked my page on Facebook, or shared or read my posts. Also, Merry Christmas to you and all of your families!

Now to our topic. Since I started doing plaintiff’s work (representing those injured by the negligence of others) in 2011, I have been hired several times to take over cases from an Atlanta TV law firm. These TV ads are effective, and many people here in northeast Georgia will make the drive to Atlanta to hire one of these lawyers.

While there are definitely some good lawyers at these firms, the truth is that many of these firms take a huge volume of cases, nearly all who walk through the door. The downside of this is that your case can fall through the cracks, your calls don’t get returned, and progress on your case can be very slow.

For these reasons, clients get frustrated and start looking for another lawyer, which is where I have stepped in before. While I have been able to help several of these clients, I have had to turn down others because the problems in their case were too problematic to overcome.

With all that said, the simplest way to avoid this problem is to consider The Hicks Law Firm for your personal injury case. I intentionally keep a lower volume of cases. This allows me to focus on your case better, return your calls, and make the progress that’s needed. Also, if needed, I will certainly file suit and prosecute your case in court.

Neither this blog nor any tips provided herein shall constitute legal advice. This firm only provides legal advice to clients who have retained this firm and signed a written contract to hire this firm. As such, those reading the tips and blog are not clients and are, therefore not receiving legal advice from this firm.

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Nothing else will change, especially my commitment to always put my clients first with professionalism, reliability, and dedication.