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Practicing Law in a Small Town

One of the primary benefits of practicing law in a small town is that I get to work closely with the people I am helping. “Client contact is the rule, not the exception.” It’s a great joy for me to practice law in the same town where I live, with an office in the heart of Historic Downtown Toccoa.

Where are the small town lawyers?
The number of lawyers practicing in Georgia is growing every year. In fact, last year the number of lawyers in our state jumped up 21% to 33,000.* But here’s the crazy part: it’s reported that over 80% of lawyers practicing in the state of Georgia are working in the Atlanta area!** The corporate America urban setting may be a higher-paying gig, but it’s rare that those lawyers get to actually rub shoulders with the clients they are serving. For the most part, they are reviewing documents and pushing paper across the desk, but not helping real people solve real legal issues.

Rural counties in Georgia often lack a single practicing lawyer, forcing residents to travel 50 miles or more to find good legal assistance. That’s why I am proud to serve the community of Stephens County. There’s no need for Toccoa residents to look for good legal help in the “big city.” Come downtown and visit my office. I’d love to meet you and tell you more about my practice.

I hope to have the opportunity to serve you if you find yourself in need!

The Hicks Law Firm
The Hicks Law Firm serves the Toccoa Stephens County area, specializing in auto-related injuries, medical malpractice, dog bites, and premises liability cases.

*from the 2018 article, “Georgia Attorney Population Percent”
**from the 2013 article, “Rural Georgia Struggles to get Lawyers” 

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The Hicks Law Firm, LLC is moving! I am happy to say that I will still be in Toccoa but will be moving my office home temporarily for at least a few months.

 My telephone number (706-886-0005), fax number (706-886-0006), and email ( will all be the same. For client meetings, I will be easy to find in downtown Toccoa (just a few minutes from my old office), or I am more than happy to come to you.

Nothing else will change, especially my commitment to always put my clients first with professionalism, reliability, and dedication.