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Do I Need an Atlanta Lawyer?

Much like the medical field, local lawyers often hear that Atlanta lawyers are better, and that those in need of a lawyer in Toccoa need to make the drive to Atlanta. But is this true?

The short answer is probably not. If you have a case involving family law, a criminal charge, or personal injury, there is no absolutely no need to look for a lawyer in Atlanta. You will find many great lawyers here in Toccoa who practice in those areas.

On the other hand, if you need a lawyer for a more specialized area like patent law, then you will need an Atlanta lawyer. A local lawyer can often help you find a lawyer that will meet your needs.

I have had the chance to practice all over the state including with and against many Atlanta lawyers. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that many of the lawyers right here in Toccoa are just as talented and skilled as any lawyer in Atlanta.

With that said, I established The Hicks Law Firm, LLC to represent serious injury victims only. We do not take all injury cases, nor do we take other types of cases. By keeping our focus on serious injury victims, we can live up to our motto of representing you with PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY, and DEDICATION.

Frankly, a specialized law practice focused on personal injury is common in Atlanta, but not in a small town like Toccoa. So my goal is fill a need and create a niche in the legal market here in Toccoa.

At The Hicks Law Firm, LLC, you will find a firm that specializes in serious personal injury only like an Atlanta firm, but with the convenience of being right around the corner in your hometown. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Neither this blog nor any tips provided herein shall constitute legal advice. This firm only provides legal advice to clients who have retained this firm and signed a written contract to hire this firm. As such, those reading the tips and blog are not clients and are, therefore not receiving legal advice from this firm.

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The Hicks Law Firm, LLC is moving! I am happy to say that I will still be in Toccoa but will be moving my office home temporarily for at least a few months.

 My telephone number (706-886-0005), fax number (706-886-0006), and email ( will all be the same. For client meetings, I will be easy to find in downtown Toccoa (just a few minutes from my old office), or I am more than happy to come to you.

Nothing else will change, especially my commitment to always put my clients first with professionalism, reliability, and dedication.